Navigating the World of Patient Rights

You no longer have to travel alone when embarking on the journey of becoming a patient.  This website was conceived and brought to life by a group of dedicated people who as patients have learned the hard way what being a patient means.  Most of us who are contributing to this site have been harmed or have had a loved one harmed by the medical world.  Patients have rights and there are supposed to be laws that protect those rights but sometimes the system fails to protect us. 

It is our goal to educate and make people aware before they become a victim of the medical system.  We are not attorneys and we cannot prevent medical harm from happening.  We can provide you with some of the tools that may help you or loved one navigate through the medical patient world.

We plan to offer a wide variety of educational information on patient rights including but not limited to informed consent, autonomy, and bodily dignity.  We will post links to other websites along with links to articles that are must read to become a fully informed patient.  We will have a blog where patients can share their stories as well as discussions on artices that are posted.  We will also cover areas like tort reform which is extremely important if you are considering filing a malpractice lawsuit.    This website will be a continual work in progress so please join us while we grow in order to empower you and others to become better educated patients.